Headlight Restoration

 Dim headlights can be safety risks and can be restored to increase visibility. Ford's Tire Pros offers quality auto repair services in Orangeburg, SC and headlight restoration.

What it does: If your headlights are not as clear as they must be or are only a little brighter when fully "on" than on dim, your automobile might need a headlight restoration. Cloudy, foggy, yellowed headlights are dangerous and can impair your vision when cruising at evening or in bad weather. Maintaining your headlights in great condition is crucial for any automobile to be driven carefully after dark. A headlight restoration may enhance visibility by approximately 140 percent.


Why it is important: Headlights may burn out or dim. Like any other light bulb they should be replaced. Cloudy or yellowed headlight lenses could considerably reduce the effectiveness of your headlights, even if the bulb is brand new. A headlight restoration may make your front lights shine like new, lengthening the life expectancy of your headlights and improving visibility. Sometimes, an easy restoration procedure could be more financially viable.

Indications that your headlights may require restoring:

  • Cloudy, foggy, or yellowed headlights
  • Dim lights or lights that are just a little brighter on full compared to on dim
  • Scraped or harmed headlights

Exactly what headlight restoration includes:

  • Restoration to the headlight covering
  • Inspect bulbs for proper strength and performance

Head light restoration could improve visibility approximately 140 percent additional and could shine up to 3.4 x much more light on the road.  Come see our technicians to get your headlights in suitable form.