Muffler Repair

Exhaust Systems reduce noise and remove harmful fumes away from your vehicle. We offer high quality exhaust repair at affordable prices!

What the Exhaust System does: The purpose of an exhaust system is not only to lessen engine noise, but also to reroute lethal fumes far from your car. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odor free chemical that may escape from an unsecured exhaust system. If the carbon monoxide is breathed in it may cause extremely serious health dangers. For your safety as well as the protection of your family, it is very important to have your exhaust system checked and maintained on a regular basis. Effectively functioning exhaust systems may also help in safeguarding the environment from hazardous emissions released into the atmosphere.

Why service is essential: A loud automobile could be a sign that it's time for a new muffler or exhaust system. Figuring out indicators of rust, wear and damage could protect against splits and holes in the exhaust system. Numerous states and counties call for emissions testing to register your vehicle. Checking for compliance before registering your vehicle could spare you time and money, before your emissions testing.

When to get your muffler checked:

  • Loud knocks, growls, or bangs
  • Signs of corrosion
  • A vibration or rattling of your muffler when idling
  • If your muffler is dangling lower than ideal

If you experience an abnormally loud sound coming from your vehicle, it is essential to get your exhaust system examined right away.


Have your vehicle's exhaust system inspected once a year. An exhaust examination will include:

  • Examining that mounts are safe and secure
  • Inspecting your exhaust pipelines so there are no splits
  • Inspecting your catalytic converter-- the part that redirects harmful emissions
  • Checking oxygen sensing units
  • Evaluating exhaust manifolds and gaskets for wear
  • Inspecting the muffler for signs of rust or wear

 We offer a full line of exhaust service options, from high efficiency mufflers to substitute systems. Request a quote or schedule a consultation with our experienced auto repair mechanics today.