Suspension Repair

 Properly aligned steering and suspension can help deliver a smooth and controlled ride. We offer quality affordable suspension repair.

What they do: The steering system and suspension systems bear the weight of your automobile, maintain the tires on the road when driving and assist in delivering a smoother, safer trip.

Why service is important: The steering and suspension system should be checked a minimum of yearly to avoid significant repairs. Anytime you feel symptoms of steering or suspension troubles have your mechanic examine your vehicle to repair the issue rapidly. Long term steering and suspension concerns will bring about extreme safety dangers in the near future.

Indications that you require your steering and suspension system inspected include:

  • Pulling to the side
  • Problems steering
  • Problems driving over uneven roadways or dips
  • Vehicle continues to bounce after hitting a bump
  • Tires wander or wiggle
  • Steering appears to be sliding

To help make sure your steering and shocks are functioning properly, a technician may check all your steering and suspension components, and will also check:

  • Power steering fluid
  • Tightness of nuts and bolts
  • Uneven tires or wear
  • Out of balance wheels
  • Loose or worn power steering belts
  • Issues with alignment
  • Shocks and/or Struts
  • Steering Tire Alignment

Our technicians will also examine your tires and tire balance to see to if the issues are not tire-related. We will take care of all of your steering needs, call or stop in today for an estimate!